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Custom Round Pool Covers With 2-Year Warranty

Are you unsure of a pre-made cover for the unique dimensions of your pool? Don’t worry. We at Covers & All have got your back! We keep in mind the shape, size and individuality of your pool type, and provide our swimming pool covers in custom sizes. The tailor-made round pool covers not only provide optimum coverage to the pool but also add to the look and feel of your landscape. For maximum satisfaction of our customers, we customise pool covers as per your unique specifications. Our round swimming pool covers can be made as per your requirements in a few simple steps. Just add the desired size and dimensions on our website, and we will handle the rest. Our custom swimming pool covers are sturdy and durable to withstand intense pressure. The 2-year warranty with our covers is the cherry on top! Hence, a one-time investment in these covers is enough to get pool protection for a long time.

Best Inground Pool Covers for Maximum UV-Protection

Weathering effects can ruin pools and pool covers very quickly. Our inground pool covers are the perfect way to block the sun and elements and keep your pool swim-ready throughout the year. These custom pool covers for inground pools feature a breathable knitted fabric with an optimum thickness of 400 Denier. This 5 Oz pool cover can provide 85% shade, preventing sunburn and other health hazards. Additionally, they prevent excessive evaporation, while saving you the hassle of refilling chlorine in the pool. Choose our quality pool covers to keep your pool water at the perfect temperature and save on cooling/heating bills. Our swimming pool covers can optimally reflect the sun away from your pool and extend the swimming season.

Abrasion-Resistant Round Pool Covers With Installation Accessories

Installation of durable, abrasion-resistant round pool covers is made smooth as butter! Our swimming pool covers feature rustproof brass grommets. They are provided across the periphery of the pool covers, which facilitates convenient installation. For an adjustable grip, you may simply thread a strong rope through the grommets or get a set of accessories at a minimal cost. You can make the daunting task of swimming pool cover installation even easier by opting for our accessory kit, which includes brass anchors, stainless steel spring, stainless steel buckle, Allen wrench, aluminium tamping tool, and installation rod. These tools will be more than sufficient to facilitate a hassle-free installation of swimming pool covers.

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