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Protect Your Outdoor Furniture with Outdoor Cushion and Pillow Covers

Safeguard Your Furniture Year-Round with Waterproof Outdoor Cushion Covers

Don’t let the weather damage your outdoor furniture and put a damper on your time outside. Install our waterproof cushion covers to protect your cushions and pillows from sun, snow, rain, and sleet. We use colour-fast fabric to ensure the covers retain the original colour and don’t fade when exposed to the elements or sunlight. Piping along the edges gives your covers a stylish appearance that fits in with your décor. We also custom-make covers to fit your pillows and cushions perfectly.

Get Sun Protection with UV-Resistant Outdoor Pillow Covers

We design our covers to lock out moisture completely. This prevents mildew and mould while protecting your pillows and cushions from water damage. The UV resistance blocks the sun’s rays to stop deterioration from sun exposure, such as colour fading. An additional PU coating ensures the patio pillow covers resist scratches to retain structural integrity and have a long lifespan.

Choose Waterproof Zippers for Your Outdoor Cushion Covers

Our outdoor pillow covers give your outdoor furniture a stylish edge. They are also easy to slip on and off via full-width zippers on the sides. These zippers are waterproof to create an additional barrier against moisture. We use a comfortable material for our covers, so you can enjoy sitting outside with loved ones and throw a backyard party in style and relaxation. While comfortable, the fabric is also long-lasting to ensure use for years to come. 

Custom Covers

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