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Custom Rectangular Pool Covers For Desired Fit

We are sure you were filled with enthusiasm when you chose to go with a pool that was unique in its dimensions to suit your landscape. But this might make you unsure of pre-made cover for the unique shape and dimension of your pool. Don’t worry. Covers & All has got your back! We keep in mind the shape, size and individuality of each pool type, and provide our swimming pool covers in custom sizes. Our custom rectangular pool covers can be tailor-made as per your requirement in a few simple steps. Just add the desired size on our website, and we will handle the rest. Choose our custom swimming pool covers for full protection from weathering and enjoy swim-ready pool throughout the year. And it doesn’t end here! Our durable custom swimming pool covers come with a warranty of up to 2 years to allow you stress-free swims without worrying about changing covers often.

Pool Covers For Inground Pools With Maximum UV Block Out

What could be a better way to relax than to jump in a pool and cool down on a hot sunny day? But harmful UV rays may foil your plans for a dip during summers. Our inground pool covers are the best solution for UV protection. Made with thick 400 Denier, breathable knitted fabric, our rectangular swimming pool covers can reflect the sun away from your pool with 85% UV blockage. This will not only save you from sun-burns, but also increase the lifespan of your pool as excessive water temperatures are damaging to pool linings and can fade the colour of your pool. This 5 Oz pool cover is made with tear & abrasion resistance fabric to provide optimum shade and max UV-block out.

All-Weather Rectangular Swimming Pool Covers

Scorching heat of the sun or gushing winds can ruin pool covers very quicky. Our all-weather swimming pool covers are the perfect way to prevent this and keep your pool swim-ready in all seasons. These covers can significantly reduce debris contamination: prevent dirt, droppings and leaves from falling into the water which can reduce the need for frequent filtration. Rectangle swimming pool covers are excellent for maintaining perfect temperature of the water and save on heating bills. They can withstand intense pressure and weather changes; therefore, one-time installation of the cover is enough to get pool protection for a long time. With the installation of swimming pool covers, you can expect your swimming season to be extended more than you thought was possible!

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