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All-Weather Custom Oval Pool Covers

Looking for a way to safeguard your oval pool in all seasons without compromising on the overall look and feel of your backyard oasis? Then Covers & All’s custom oval pool cover will perfectly suit your needs. These all-weather covers can significantly reduce water contamination: prevent dirt, droppings and leaves from falling into the water which can reduce the need for frequent filtration. These custom swimming pool covers are ideal for maintaining the perfect temperature of the water, hence making your pool swim-ready throughout the year. Weighing just 5 oz, our covers are lightweight to render portability and convenient usage. You can just simply fold them and store them during off-season. Their tear and abrasion-resistant fabric saves these covers from abrasions, cuts, slits, grazes and punctures. And it doesn’t end here! Our oval swimming pool covers come with a warranty of up to 2 years to allow you stress-free swims without worrying about changing covers often.

Durable Oval Pool Covers For Full-proof UV-Resistance

Who doesn’t want to take a pool plunge on a sunny day? But scorching sun can kill the joy by overheating of the waters. Prolonged exposure to UV rays can debase the pool’s chemical chlorine and fade out pool lining too. Our durable oval pool covers are designed to be UV-resistant. Pool covers for inground pools reduce ultraviolet radiation by up to 85% and prevent sun-burns and other health hazards, while also saving you the hassle of refilling chlorine to maintain the chemical balance of the water. Made with thick 400 Denier, breathable knitted fabric, our oval swimming pool covers can optimally reflect the sun away from your pool. This 5 Oz pool cover is made with tear & abrasion resistance fabric to provide max UV-block out. These covers work as a permeable sheet to shade water, reduce excessive evaporation, and overheating and keep the pool swim-ready throughout the year.

Easily Install Custom Oval Pool Covers With Additional Accessories

We at Covers & All provide practical end-to-end solutions for swimming pool safety. For maximum satisfaction of our customers, we customise pool covers as per any kind of unique specifications. The tailor-made bespoke covers not only provide optimum coverage to the pool, but also adds to the landscape’s aesthetics. Now make the daunting task of swimming pool cover installation easy as breeze by opting for our accessory kit at minimal costs. Tools included in the kit are- brass anchor, stainless steel spring, stainless steel buckle, allen wrench, aluminium tamping tool, and installation rod. These tools will be more than sufficient to facilitate convenient installation of swimming pool covers.

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