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Make Your Home Shine with Outdoor Seating Covers

The outdoor seating area is a trove that may not be used often due to its susceptibility to elements. To protect them from inclement weather, we recommend using our outdoor seating covers. They are made of Cover Rite fabric, a 600 Denier 100% solution dyed polyester with PU coating on one side. The high tensile strength fabric weighs approximately 8 oz. The resilient fabric is able to resist UV rays, water, mildew, tears, and abrasion. Protect the cover from dirt, dust, and debris when not in use. The outdoor seat cushion covers are the perfect choice to add functionality and enhance the aesthetics of your garden.

Get Multiple Colour and Size Choices in Outdoor Seat Cushion Covers

Ideally suited for moderate weather conditions, the outdoor seating covers can protect your furniture from excessive sun exposure, rain, and snow. They come in pre-defined standard sizes that can be chosen from the website. These are compatible with most brands and come with a drawstring to keep the cover in place. Aside from functionality, the covers enhance the aesthetic appeal of the garden area. The outdoor seat cushion covers are available in the following shades- beige, charcoal, sky blue and navy blue. All of these sublime shades blend immaculately with any kind of decor. Choose the fabric colour that best suits your needs.

Buy Air Bags with Outdoor Seating Covers for Complete Water Protection

The garden furniture seat covers are made from waterproof fabric. However, the seams may allow water infiltration that may damage your furniture. We suggest you purchase air bags to keep at sunken points of the cover to elevate their surface and allow water to drain off easily. Available at a nominal cost, add them to your cart before placing your order. Select the size, fabric colour, and place your order easily on our website. Choose from a wide range of seat covers available for Adirondack chairs, stackable chairs, grills, ottomans, and designer chairs. The premium quality fabric comes with warranty coverage of up to 2 years.

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