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Waterproof Portable Grill Covers are Available for Purchase Online

Year-Round Protection for Your Grill via Weber Portable Grill Covers

Your portable Weber grill is the life of the party, easy to transport, and always ready for use. When you use our sturdy outdoor grill covers, you can keep your portable grill safe from the elements. Our waterproof and UV-resistant covers use a vinyl-looking material to offer durability and a sophisticated appearance.

A PVC-coated fabric withstands elements that cause scratches and abrasions, giving the covers a sturdy structure. Our waterproof grill covers lock out moisture, sleet, rain, and snow to prevent mildew and mould. The highly robust and resistant fabric ensures the covers offer protection against the sun, corrosive elements, dust, and moisture for a long lifespan.

Personalise Your Outdoor Grill Covers to Show Off Your Style

You can customise the waterproof grill covers with a monogram, text, full-colour images, or a logo for a unique look. Other options include selecting your choice of colour and fabric for a stylish appearance.

When you use our backyard grill covers for protection, you can extend the lifespan of your portable grills. For more longevity, we include a 3-year warranty for each fabric option. You can choose from Cover Fab, Cover Tuff, and Cover Max.

Enjoy Easy-Access Handles on Your Custom Weber Portable Grill Covers

Our covers have smart design aspects that make a lasting impression and provide full, year-round protection for your grill. For example, our outdoor grill covers have easy-access handles that make cleaning and removing the covers fast and simple.

We offer several tie-down options to secure the backyard grill covers over your grill. These include sturdy elastic, zippers, and drawstrings. As a bonus, push clips help secure the legs for more coverage with a tight grip. All of these ensure the covers stay in place no matter the weather. 

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