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Keep Your Grills In Top Condition with Weber Genesis Series Grill Covers

Durable Features of Weber Grill Covers

Whether you’re holding pool parties, barbecuing lunches, or just hanging out with peers on summer nights, your grill will ensure that your gatherings are delicious and that the fun continues undisturbed. Use gas grill covers to keep your grills in good condition and ensure that they operate properly.

The waterproof grill covers comprise entirely of PVC-coated polyester and are both waterproof and UV-resistant. They are extremely reliable, abrasion- and tear-resistant, and can withstand extreme temperatures. The grill covers have a vinyl-like feel to them.

Tie-down Options Available for Gas Grill Covers

If you live in an area where thunderstorms are common, make sure that you firmly lock your outdoor grill covers. The grill covers come with a variety of tie-down options, including drawstrings, zippers, and strong elastic to keep the covers in place beneath, as well as push clips to keep the legs in place.

Because of these safety measures, even the strongest winds will not be strong enough to push away the weber grill covers. Even when your grill is in storage, our fantastic designs ensure that it still looks spectacular.

Easily Customise Your Weber Grill Covers

Grill cover modification and customising choices are available to match your particular taste. We build gas grill covers to order in the colours and materials of your choosing to ensure that they are exactly what you want.

You may even include photographs, logos, a family crest, or a monogram in your design, all of which will appear in brilliant colours. Fill out the form with your preferences and click the “Buy Now” button; we’ll ship your new waterproof covers directly to your door, anywhere in the globe, for free. 

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