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Weber Summit Charcoal Grill Covers are Available Online

Weber Summit Grill Covers Keep Your Grill Clean

There's a general assumption that protective covers lack the same high-end appearance and sophistication as your Weber grill, but that's not always true. Our charcoal grill covers exude beauty, offer a stylish appearance, and match the classy gravitas of your Weber grill.

We use highly durable fabrics that provide wear-and-tear protection as well as debris, animals, and harsh weather damage. You can choose from a variety of colours and fabrics to make your covers stand out even when they're not in use. Maintenance is simple with the easy-to-clean material. We custom-design each outdoor grill cover to provide an accurate fit for your specific grill.

The fabric of our backyard grill covers has high tensile strength for durability. The fabric's UV resistance helps prevent colour fading and protects against the harsh sun. This fabric is also completely waterproof to repel moisture. We also use water-resistant zippers for added protection against moisture so that your grill remains dry.

Handles Ensure Our Charcoal Grill Covers are Easy to Use

To secure the outdoor grill covers, we offer several tie-down options, including sturdy elastic, drawstrings, and zippers. For extra security against strong winds, you can also choose push clips to grip the legs firmly. These durable covers also have easy-access handles that make removing and cleaning the covers simple and fast.

Get ready to buy your cover. We ship our backyard grill covers straight to your door with your unique specifications and customisations.

Add a Personal Touch to Your Weber Summit Grill Covers

Add your style with the range of customisation options for our charcoal grill covers, such as colours and fabrics. For a personal touch, you can choose to add a family crest, a logo, graphics, a monogram, or full-colour images. It's fast and easy to give your covers a unique appearance to enhance your grill look.

Choose from three fabric options for our outdoor grill covers to add longevity to your grill. These fabrics include Cover Fab, Cover Tuff, and Cover Max. All of them come with a 3-year warranty. 

Custom Covers

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