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Safeguard Your Grill with Grill Smoker Covers

Whether you’re organising a barbecue party or summer get-together, your grill has always been the centre of attention. To ensure its maximum protection, it’s essential to use our weber smoker covers to prevent exposure to harsh elements, which may cause damages. These covers feature a premium-quality fabric that provides a good fit for your grill. 

We use high-quality PVC-coated polyester that is 100% waterproof and UV-resistant to construct our charcoal grill covers. This material has a vinyl-like texture. It has a high tensile strength to endure abrasion, tear, and extreme weather. Use these covers outdoors for long periods without worrying about any damages.

Our custom smoker covers can resist any damage that might arise from rain, snow, sleet, or extreme temperatures for long-lasting use. The breathable fabric also keeps moisture and mildew away from your grill. These protective features allow you to use the covers for many years without replacing them.

Weber Smoker Covers are Easy to Customise

Custom-made to meet the provided requirements, our charcoal grill covers have a clean and crisp finish that will suit your grill. You can select a fabric type and colour that complements your home decor. We have three types of fabric that come in black, beige, and blue colours.

The custom smoker covers have unique designs to meet different needs. Cover Max suits moderate weather, Cover Fab works well in shaded areas, and Cover Tuff can handle extreme weather. You can customise the grill covers by printing your favourite pattern, image, logo, or house number on them. Simply upload the measurements, photos, choose the fabric and colour options, and we’ll have the cover shipped straight to your doorstep, wherever you are.

Grill Smoker Covers are Easy to Handle and Set-Up

Keep your grill protected from harsh weather with our Weber smoker covers. They come with drawstrings, a robust elastic grip at the base, and push clips to fasten and secure the legs.

Their maintenance is simple with the provided access handles that make removing and cleaning easy.

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