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Long-Lasting Ranch Series Grill Covers Protects Your Equipment 

Charcoal Grill Covers Provide Superior Protection

At cookouts, a well-functioning grill is essential. They require protection from dust and moisture to avoid rusting. A custom-fit waterproof grill cover made of superior PVC-coated polyester material will protect your barbecue. This helps to extend the life expectancy to get a great return out of your investment. 

The fabric has high tensile strength and can withstand adverse weather conditions such as storms, snow, and sleet. The Weber kettle covers have a vinyl feel and appearance. They're completely waterproof and UV-resistant for added durability to help maintain the look of the grill. 

The custom grill covers are tear and abrasion-resistant. The permeable cover will keep the grill dry and protect it from moisture and mildew in the event of inclement climates or temperatures. 

Personalise and Customise Your Waterproof Grill Covers

You won't have to deal with sloppy, ill-fitting grill covers if you get custom-made Weber kettle covers. Fabrics and colours are available in a variety of options. For moderate conditions, Cover Max fabric is appropriate. Colour Fab is ideal for use in shady or partially shady regions, and Cover Tuff fabric can withstand harsh weather.

Choose from a variety of hues from standard black to burgundy.  For more personalisation, you can add text, photographs, logos, a family crest, or a monogram to the custom grill covers. You can also enlist the assistance of one of our designers to help you come up with a design you'll adore. We'll mail the grill covers to your location after you upload the measurements, choose the fabric, colour, and image.

Tie-down Accessories Come with the Charcoal Grill Covers

We understand that you keep your barbecue on the patio and that it needs protection from the elements such as dust, rain, storms, snow, and sleet. The waterproof grill covers have zippers, drawstrings, and strong elastic to keep the cover in place underneath, as well as push clips to keep the legs in place even when it's windy.

With our simple-to-order options, you'll be ready to place your order in no time.

Custom Covers

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