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Custom Skylight Covers Come in a Variety of Shapes

Custom Skylight Covers Provide Extensive Protection All-Year

Skylights are an ideal way to allow in more daylight or simply gaze at the enchanting stars in night sky while keeping the heat in during the winter, or not letting the harsh sun rays ruin your moment. Too much sun or heat can often dull your home decor, but the outdoor skylight covers prevent this from happening. 

UV-Resistant Outdoor Skylight Covers Custom-Made 

Our custom, form-fitting waterproof skylight covers easily cover the entire skylight, preserving the heat during winter and the scorching sun out during the summer. These skylight covers, which feature strong fabric, also keep the UV rays out, which can cause the furniture and carpet to fade. 

Skylight Covers with Custom Sizing and Design Possibilities 

Our outdoor skylight covers comprise completely waterproof fabric and come in a variety of shapes, such as domes, pyramids, and squares. Choose the fabric and colour of the covers to match your outdoor decor. 

These exterior skylight covers include tie-down choices such as elastic, push clips, and draw straps to ensure the covers remain in place even during storms. 

Custom Covers

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