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Safeguard Your Pressure Washer Year-Round with Custom Covers

Get Complete Protection via Pressure Washer Covers

Your backyard remains spotless year-round, thanks to your powerful pressure washer. However, external factors such as the sun, debris, snow, rain, and sleet can reduce your power washer's efficiency. The inside of the machine is also at risk of dust and moisture damage. When you use our outdoor equipment covers, there's no need to worry since they provide protection for your equipment and extend the life of your gear.

We use a completely waterproof material for our covers to ensure your power washer remains dry. The UV-resistant fabric prevents degradation from the elements, especially the harsh sun. You can pick from a variety of fabrics and colours for your cover. That way, our power washer covers give your space a stylish aesthetic even when not in use.

Choose From Three Distinctive Fabrics for Your Outdoor Equipment Covers

To keep your equipment functioning at top capacity, we tailor-make the covers to ensure they block out fine dust and moisture with a precise fit. For custom-made pressure washer rain covers, simply upload the dimensions of your pressure washer, and we'll design a unique cover for you.

Cover Fab, Cover Max, and Cover Tuff are the three fabric options for our power washer covers. Once you select the fabric and colour, we'll deliver your covers right to your home or office. Be sure to keep your equipment covered when it's outside, especially in rainy weather. We offer multiple tie-down options that secure the covers, including zippers, elastic, push clips, and draw straps.

Add a Personal Design to Your Pressure Washer Covers

The design of our outdoor equipment covers has a quality aesthetic. However, you can add a personal touch with text, graphics, or a logo as part of the design.

Ordering your power washer covers is easy and fast because of our simple shipping method and online tools. All you need is a few minutes to select your cover, choose your customisation options, and order your one-of-a-kind cover. 

Custom Covers

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