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Sturdy Gym Equipment Covers in All Sizes and Shapes

Premium-Quality Gym Equipment Covers for Complete Protection

We all understand that the right workout has a long list of advantages. When you stride on the treadmill placed on the patio, overflowing with the excellence of the fresh morning air and the calming lushness of your lawns, the benefits get multiplied. However, there's also the fear that your gym equipment may expose to the elements and may spoil as a result.

Covers & All sell high-quality exercise machine covers that protect your gym gear from the elements. You can keep your adaptive motion or multi-gym trainers, stationary and recumbent exercise bikes, and more looking new with our covers. We offer covers for over 14 different brands of gym equipment.

Water-Resistant and Easy-to-Use Exercise Machine Covers

Made of heavy-duty PVC-coated polyester, our covers are waterproof and long-lasting. These fitness equipment covers are abrasion and tear-resistant, helping to protect your equipment from weather changes, dust and dirt.

The tie-down drawstrings on the covers ensure a perfect fit for your equipment. They also have air pockets, which help prevent mould and mildew growth. When you're ready to use your equipment, our workout equipment covers ensure that it's clean and dry. Our UV resistant covers are soft like vinyl and have a 3-year and 5-year warranty on Cover Max and Cover Tuff, respectively.

Customisable Gym Equipment Covers For Personal Touch

Even while your workout equipment is not in use, it's a brilliant idea to highlight it using our customisable fitness equipment covers with various exciting choices. You can begin by selecting from various fabrics that meet your needs and colours that complement your patio's decor. You can also have your initials or name printed on them, as well as your favourite image, logo, or stamp.

Custom Covers

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