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TV Covers Shield Your Television from the Elements to Extend their Lifespan 

Custom TV Covers Help Keep your TV Safe and Dust-Free 

A perfect evening consists of watching a thrilling sports game or a suspenseful movie on your outdoor television. An evening spent sitting outside while snacking on crispy popcorn and sipping a drink may easily win out over an evening spent in the luxury surroundings of a theatre. You may be apprehensive about exposing your television to dust and particles. Covers & All provides a solution for keeping your outdoor television safe and clean with our waterproof tv covers.

Scratch-resistant Outdoor TV Covers

These incredibly durable patio TV covers consist of a PVC-coated, scratch-free polyester material that feels like vinyl. Their quick access handles are perfect for smooth installation or removal. Inside the covers, there is a plush lining for better protection of the screens of your devices. Furthermore, tie-down options offer a more secure fit. Our covers are suitable for any size or brand of television.

Our waterproof tv covers are compatible for use with a variety of well-known electronic brands. Even if you have a TV that isn't one of the popular brands, we are able to design a cover to meet your needs once given the dimensions of your equipment, the brand name, and other necessary details. Custom covers offer a more ideal fit to properly secure and protect your valuable electronics. 

Our Custom TV Covers Will Go Great With Your Home Decor

We make our outdoor TV covers with waterproof fabric and double seam stitching to prevent water leaks, to help ease your mind. You can pick from a range of colour options to get a cover that complements your patio design. You can further customise your cover by adding your family's name or logo.

Custom Covers

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