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Custom Swamp Cooler Covers are Available in Different Colours and Fabrics

 Swamp Cooler Covers Provide Complete Weather Protection

Are you concerned that your cooler might rust? The cost of repairs could be exorbitant. You'll need a superior quality, personalised evaporative cooler cover to protect your cooler. 

These outdoor equipment covers are specifically designed for your swamp cooler and offer complete protection from the weather. Our cooler covers keep snow, debris, and rain out of your cooler, making sure that it's available to use whenever the temperature increases. The ultra-violet ray resistant and waterproof fabric looks great and will last years without deterioration.

Top-Notch, Tear-Resistant Fabrics are Available for Evaporative Cooler Covers

The outdoor equipment covers comprise high-quality fabric like Cover Tuff, Cover Max, and Cover Fab. All these fabrics are suitable for every weather, depending on your needs. 

Cover Max fabrics are mid-weight comprising PVC-coated 12 oz 1000D polyester that is resistant to damage from water and UV rays. Cover Fab helps keep your furniture looking fresh and it has an eco-friendly 600D polyester featuring a PVB backing. Lastly, Cover Tuff is a highly durable cover, designed to withstand whatever mother nature throws at it. This cover will always come through for you when the going gets tough. 

Customise Your Swamp Cooler Covers to Meet Your Specific Needs 

You can alter the shape, size, colour, and fabric of your evaporative cooler cover with our online design tool. Just enter your logos, images or text and select the 'Upload' button. You can even choose the dimensions for your cooler covers comprising high-quality fabric based on your needs. 

Say hi to the convenience of your personalised cooler covers. Order now to get them. We'll process your order and have them delivered to your door. 

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