Custom Chaise Lounge Cover - Design 2

Coversandall ChaiseCover002 ChaiseCover002 Shop custom fit sky lounger chair covers resistant to water, UV rays, tears, and abrasion. Durable covers are available in multiple shades. Free shipping on all orders over €49. https://www.coversandall.eu/media/catalog/product/cache/123e248a3849e7cc5c4c65fae66d418c/c/h/chaise-covers-design-2_2.jpg

Enhance Your Living Space with Sky Lounger Chair Covers

  • Custom-fit covers that fit your chairs like a glove.
  • Made of 100% waterproof polyester resistant to tears, mildew, UV rays and abrasion.
  • Choose personalisation to enhance the look of your cover, embed a logo or design.
  • Warranty coverage of up to 3-5 years is available on the product.
  • Easy access handles for simple removal and cleaning process.

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Robust and Resilient Custom Sky Lounger Covers

Lounging under the sky pondering over a million things on your cosy and comfortable sky lounger only to be confronted with a surprising downpour and windy storm? At Covers & All, we have just the right kind of solution for you, a one-of-kind perfectly customised sky lounger chair covers that is resistant to inclement weather conditions. It cocoons your chairs to give them ultimate protection from dust, debris, mildew, tears and abrasion.

Crafted with durable and weather-resistant fabric, the covers are highly resistant to the damaging effects of the sun and UV rays. Its fade-resistant quality ensures the colours remain bright and shining throughout their lifespan enhancing the look of your outdoor patio. The double-stitched seams add to the durability of the cover and thereby extend the life of your furniture.

Available in 3 robust and premium variants, the fabric is designed to protect from all weather conditions. Cover Rite is made from 600 deniers, 100% solution-dyed polyester fabrics with PU coating on one side. The lightweight and portable fabric weighs approximately 8 oz and has warranty coverage of up to 3 years. Ideal for protection in shaded and semi-shaded areas, the cover has medium UV resistance.

Cover Max and Cover Tuff are both made of 1000 Denier, PVC coated polyester fabric. The medium weight fabrics of 12 oz to 18 oz are best suited for moderate to extreme weather conditions. Choose the cover that would best suit your needs and help prolong the life of your sky loungers.

Optional Tie-downs Available with Sky Lounger Covers

To keep your lounger securely protected we recommend purchasing our tie-downs available in multiple options- drawstring, elastic at the bottom, push clips to secure legs and elastic at the bottom with push clips. All of these options are added to the base of the covers to keep them in place.

Create a hassle-free experience by adding optional brass grommets at a distance of 6/12/24 inches to prevent the cover from fraying or tearing. The rust-proof grommets keep shining and bring additional protection to your sky loungers.

Spruce up Your Furniture with Personalisation Option

A personalised text or a logo can make a style statement that is unforgettable. Personalised covers can be designed by selecting a font, colour, text and place where you want the printing done. Elevate the look of your outdoor patio with a custom-designed and personalised sky lounger cover.

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