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Chaise Covers for Protection in All Weather Conditions

Chaise Lounge Covers Provide Protection from Outdoor Elements

It can sometimes be worrisome leaving furniture outdoors where it could sustain damage from unpredictable weather. We've got the right solution for you in the form of our outdoor furniture covers, which are available in a variety of styles. The different options allow you to find the optimal fit and style to meet your needs. 

The patio furniture covers consist of a dust-proof fabric with seam-stitching to prevent leakage. These covers help protect your chaise lounge at all times while it is not in use, as they are able to withstand any form of weather.

Outdoor Furniture Covers Made with High-Quality Fabric

The cloth we use to make our garden furniture covers is of the highest quality. When submitting your order, you can choose between two options: Cover Max or Cover Tuff.

Cover Max is a versatile mid-weight fabric consisting of 12 oz 1000D polyester with a PVC coating. It is completely waterproof as well as UV resistant. The outdoor furniture covers are machine washable for convenience. Our coverings are ideal for protecting any outdoor equipment that has exposure to rain, sun, and wind on a daily basis. With a lightweight design, the covers are easy to handle, while still providing the best level of protection.

Cover Tuff is our toughest cover, which is made to resist the harshest weather conditions. These heavyweight patio furniture covers are perfect for industrial applications as well as regions that experience intense weather. 

Chaise Lounge Covers in a Variety of Shapes and Sizes

We'll ship you extreme weatherproof outdoor furniture covers when you input your measurements using our measurement tool. Covers & All has the cover you're looking for in every size or form.

Don't hesitate; simply place your order and leave the rest to us. Get your order as soon as possible, anywhere in the world, right to your door. 

Custom Covers

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