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Add a Touch of Vibrancy with Custom Throw Pillows

Redefine your style and decor with quintessential throw pillows that make your home vibrant and cozy. A comfortable pillow to lean back on or to just rest your arms can also elevate the look of your home. Available in round, square and rectangle shape, these throw pillows can be used to uplift the look of your patio, office, home and gazebo. Easy on the pocket, these lightweight pillows are durable as they resist damage due to water, UV rays, mildew, dirt, dust and tears. You can use them indoor or outdoor, but ensure that they are not exposed to extreme weather conditions as they are ideally suited for moderate weather conditions only.

Custom Throw Pillows are Available in Durable Fabrics and Diverse Shapes

Durable and firm, throw pillows bring a perceptible change in the aura of a room. You can change them seasonally or whenever you desire to create a persona that resonates with the style of the house. You can choose from our premium quality fabrics- Pillow Rite and Pillow Fab. The Pillow Rite fabric is crafted from 600 Denier, 100% solution dyed polyester with PU coat on one side that weighs approximately 8 oz. The Pillow Fab fabric is made of 600 Denier melange, PVB backing polyester that weighs approximately 12 oz. The inserts inside the cover give a fluffy and firm look to the pillows as they are made of 15 Denier hollow silicon conjugated fibre. You can choose to buy a round throw pillow, square throw pillow or rectangle throw pillow as per your requirements.

Avail Personalization and Warranty Coverage with Throw Pillows

The custom throw pillows are available with a personalization option. You can embed a logo, text or design onto the cover to make them truly personal and distinct or use it as a marketing tool to create awareness about your products or services. Upload the artwork of your choice or choose a designer to create a customised design on the pillows. The highly durable and simple decor element can be used as a personalised tool to upgrade your upholstery. To provide added assurance about the quality of the pillow cover, we offer a warranty of up to 2-3 years depending on the fabric selected while placing your order.

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