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Hexagonal Fire Pit Covers

  • Hexagonal fire pit covers are sturdy and long-lasting.
  • Covers for firepits are simple to install and remove.
  • We can tailor them to fit the size requirements.
  • A selection of fabrics is available to pick from.

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Quality Fabric Options for Hexagon Fire Pit Covers 

Adding a fire pit to your outdoor seating area is a good idea, especially in the winter. On a chilly winter evening, the warmth generated by a fire pit is unrivalled. However, when the cavity is not in use, it is necessary to cover it to minimize damage from weather such as storms and snowfall and bird droppings and detritus. It’s critical to keep the fire pit dry at all times if you want it to burn using durable outdoor fire pit covers.

These covers protect your fire pit like no other, as they are waterproof and robust. Our custom fire pit covers are a great fit for your hexagonal fire pit. They’re also simple to place and remove from the pit when needed.

Covers & All offers three fade-resistant and durable fabric alternatives; Cover Tuff, Cover Max, and Cover Fab. These textiles are lightweight and designed to withstand both moderate and extreme weather. The fabrics are waterproof, abrasion and UV-resistant.

With our measurement tool, you can specify the size of the cover to fit your needs making no further purchase. This will enable us to produce a hexagon fire pit cover specifically tailored for you.

Outdoor Fire Pit Covers with a Range of tie-down options

Our custom fire pit covers come with a variety of tie-down options. Our tie-down alternatives are drawstring, elastics, push clips, and waterproof zippers. All of these add strength to the fire pit coverings, ensuring that they stay put no matter how windy it gets outdoors.

We also include grommets made of high-quality brass to lend extra security to the waterproof fire pit covers. Customers can also choose how far apart each grommet should be.

Personalize your Hexagon Fire Pit Covers

We provide you with the option to personalize your outdoor fire pit covers according to your desired fabric choice, colours, and tie-down options. Be it an image or text of your choice; you can add them all to your hexagonal fire pit covers.

You can also upload a reference image of your choice so we can understand your requirements perfectly. We recommend that you upload the image in our supported image formats for us to know your requirements.

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Need to find something else? Take a look at our other custom covers here.

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Need to find something else? Take a look at our other custom covers here.

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