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Fire Pit Covers Help Protect Your Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Fire Pit Covers are Long-Lasting and UV-Resistant

On a cool summer evening, nothing evokes a more lovely image than a family sitting out in the open air around the burning embers of a fire pit. Fire pits give a touch of enchantment to any outdoor setting. Covers & All has a wide selection of waterproof fire pit covers that are sure to satisfy your needs. Our covers utilise UV-resistant, robust, and waterproof fabrics with high-quality seamless stitching to provide a dry fire pit that is suitable for use at any time, even after a rainy day. Mould, mildew, and decay are kept at bay by our fire pit covers, which use a one-way permeable fabric.

Waterproof Fire Pit Covers for Your Outdoor Equipment with Various Tie-Down Options

The custom fire pit covers stay in place to protect your equipment due to an innovative fastening system that combines a drawstring and sturdy push clips. Regardless of the weather conditions, our covers will keep your fire pit clean and dry.

With our large assortment of sizing options, we are confident that you can easily select the size you require. For a more personalised design, request a custom job for your gas fire pit covers. Simply upload the dimensions to ensure the precise size for the optimal fit. 

Get Personalised Outdoor Fire Pit Covers

Choose from a variety of colours and fabrics to guarantee that your waterproof fire pit covers blend in with the rest of your garden or backyard decor. You can also customise it with your family's name, logo, initials, or anything else that will make a wonderful design statement all year long.

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