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Chimney Covers with Superior Quality for All Year Protection

Personalised Chimney Covers for Severe Weather

During the cold weather, your patio heaters keep everyone nice and warm. But there is something they all have in common. Whenever they become wet or harmed by the weather, they cease to work. It’s very normal to feel concerned. The best way to guard your chimneys against damage is to invest in one of our outdoor chimney covers.

These custom chimney covers are custom-made to fit and remain on your chimney regardless of the weather. They also improve the aesthetics of your chimney.

Water and Abrasion Resistant Outdoor Chimney Covers

These custom chimney covers are UV, water, and scratch-resistant to provide maximum protection. Several colours and three different cloths are available, all of which feature tear-proof fabric.

We design our fabrics to fit all weather conditions. Thus, our waterproof chimney covers are ideal for protecting your chimneys from the effects of the environment, preventing them from deteriorating over time. The improved ventilation helps keep mildew and mould at bay.

The handles on these chimney covers make it simple to remove them for cleaning and maintenance. You can add a custom logo or quotation on your chimney covers to make them unique.

Chimney Covers Designed for Different Brands

Our covers are ideal for any chimney, regardless of its brand, size, or shape. The following manufacturers’ chimneys have custom covers fabricated by us: Landmann, Solo Stove, Blue Rooster, Chimney Company, Esscher Design, Deeco, Bad Idea, Whole House Worlds, Sunnydaze, Deckmate , Kotulas Bali Outdoors, and La Hacienda.

Besides the colour and chimney style options, you may customise the covers with your own designs. You can include grommets and tie-downs to suit your tastes. The sooner you place your order, the sooner your new waterproof chimney covers will be delivered to your doorstep. 

Custom Covers

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