High Strength Mesh Tarpaulin, 10oz, Size: 10' x 10'

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High-Strength Mesh Tarpaulins to Protect Outdoor Items

  • Fabric tarp with pores permits air and moisture to circulate.
  • Premium fabric that resists sunlight.
  • Mesh covers that resist tearing and mildew.
  • Features metal grommets in the corners (every 24").
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Excellent High-Strength Mesh Tarps for Cooling, Security, and Seclusion

Do you need a material that is hard to see through along with ideal water and airflow? Here it is! At Covers & All, we produce premium 10' x 10' heavy-duty tarpaulins to meet your needs. Our covers are highly useful - protecting building sites, creating privacy, shading areas, grounds-keeping, and more.

We make our outdoor tarpaulins to protect from moderate UV rays and scrapes. In any spot, our covers take in heat to provide a comfy, cool area with shade. The knitted design of our tarp material keeps onlookers away for your privacy.

The openings in our 10 x 10 tarps are perfect for allowing the best amount of air and moisture to pass through. This feature makes them great for covering your vegetation and nursery beds, which require a specific volume of water to come in. Easy to breathe under, the tarps deter mildew from growing and bugs from coming in.

These high-strength mesh tarpaulins come in a standard square design measuring 10' x 10' and weighing 6 oz. To find other dimensions, check our custom tarps tab.

Heavy-Duty Tarpaulins for Extended Usage

Designed to last a long time, we carefully sew and produce materials for our outdoor tarpaulins. We utilize a very strong 6 oz mesh fabric, ideal for demanding tasks. It even features a 2-year warranty.

To complete the edges and reinforce them, we build the tarps with double-thick hems. This prolongs use and stops the 10 x 10 tarps from tearing at the sides while fastening them. Therefore, you can use our fabric covers for multiple years and keep them intact.

Grommets Included for Easy Installation of High-Strength Mesh Tarps

Brass grommets appear in each corner, spaced 24" apart along the sides of our heavy-duty tarpaulins. The grommets feature excellent brass metal and resist rust. With them, you can easily set-up our 6 oz mesh tarps anywhere in a few seconds. So, look no further and place an order now!

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