Heavy Duty Tarpaulin 18oz, Size: 60' x 80'

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Use Heavy-Duty Tarpaulin 18 Oz, Size 60' × 80' for Equipment Protection

  • Vinyl-coated fabric with a PVC coating.
  • The tarps are  60' x 80' in size and have 18 Oz graphic weight.
  • Fabric is waterproof and UV-resistant.
  • There are four different hues to choose from.
  • Grommets are used to secure the tarp.
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High-quality and Weatherproof Fabrics for Heavy-Duty Vinyl Tarpaulins

Our waterproof tarpaulins are versatile for use in a variety of applications. They’re suitable for a variety of weather conditions, including heat, rain, and snow. These large tarps are perfect for securing equipment, canopies, and even temporary covers over garden beds and farm produce.

Our heavy-duty tarps are waterproof, made of a PVC, vinyl-coated cloth, and will keep your valuables dry and clean. These warehouse tarpaulins have a UV-resistant vinyl coating that prevents them from fading. They are easy to handle because they are 18 ounces in weight and are convenient to set out for coating or storing.

The tarps can withstand strong winds and won’t blow away your valuables. Other tarps become brittle when exposed to harsh cold over an extended period, but our canopy tarpaulins retain their suppleness and flexibility. Tarp Tuff black, red, grey, and blue are among the four hues available.

The heavy-duty vinyl tarpaulins do not shred or bruise even when used frequently or to cover sharp-edged objects. They feature strong, high-tenacity fabric that’s resistant to tears and abrasion. Our heavy-duty tarps come with a 5-year guarantee.

Use Brass Grommets on Waterproof Tarpaulins

These tarps come with brass grommets placed in each corner a at 24-inch distance. This strengthens and adds durability to the eyelets. You can readily insert a rope or cord and run through them to tie the warehouse tarpaulins neatly.

To make the canopy tarpaulin more durable, the seams on all four sides are double-folded. To make the tarps more durable, grommets are sewn into the seams.

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