Clear Plastic Tarpaulin, 20mil, Size: 8' x 12'

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Clear Plastic Tarpaulin, 20mil, Size: 8' x 12' are Perfect for Enclosing Your Patio and Porch 

  • Tarps are UV- and water-resistant, as well as snow-resistant.
  • Temperature resistance ranges from 14°F to 122°F.
  • Brass grommets provided at every 24 inches. 
  • Made of abrasion- and tear-resistant material.
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Our Clear Plastic Tarpaulins are Abrasion andTear Resistant for Alfresco Use

These heavy-duty tarpaulins measure 8’ x 12’ and are ideal for covering outdoor spaces, obstructing no views you desire to appreciate. Due to their UV resistance, they are strong upon exposure to the ultraviolet radiation found in sunshine. Our tarps will allow you to enjoy the sun’s warmth because they do not obstruct any light.

While the transparent tarps are abrasion and tear resistant, they can tolerate hard handling during installation. This ensures that they are always ready to withstand normal maintenance, tear and wear processes. Our custom tarpaulins are waterproof and snow resistant, allowing you to lie on your patio and enjoy the weather whether it is chilly and rainy outside.

The 8’ x 12’ tarps are also wind resistant, making them the ideal barrier between the patio decor and oncoming storm. This rescues you from the hassle of taking off the tarps whenever a storm forms.

Our clear plastic tarpaulins can withstand temperatures ranging from 14°F to 122°F and preserve their shape even during adverse weather situations. Because the tarps do not get stiff or brittle in cold areas, you avoid the hassle of taking them off as the seasons change.

The Edges of the Heavy-Duty Tarpaulins Come with Brass Grommets for Ease of Handling

Every 24 inches, rust-free brass grommets “by running a drawstring or cord through them, help secure our clear vinyl tarps. The double-thick seams and reinforced edges ensure that the custom tarpaulins maintain their fresh appearance for an extended period because they do not tear or fall apart. Due to this, you’ll be able to enjoy this durable product for a longtime.

Additionally, our 8' x 12' tarps can cover any furniture or equipment that is unlikely to be in operation for an extended period. Due to their transparency, they enable you to monitor your belongings without having to remove them. Our  tarps let you to enjoy the outlook from your balcony, patio or deck without exposing them to changing weather. You may even view the storm directly in the eye, since our tarps easily withstand windy conditions and do not fly away.

Our Clear Plastic Tarpaulins Have a Wide Range of Applications

Our tarps are ideal for covering patios, truckloads, campers, and porches. You can utilise these heavy-duty tarpaulins to preserve unused furniture, equipment, and machinery. Our tarps can be used in a variety of settings, including the office, construction sites, and industrial settings. They are as well suited for greenhouses, polyhouses, and other structures that require daytime sunshine. Therefore, click to order today and we will bring our transparent vinyl tarps measuring 8’ x 12’ to your home.

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