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Order Value(€)Priority
Standard Ground
Free Shipping
0 - 49 €20.25 €10.10 No
50 - 99 €20.25 €10.10 Yes
100 - 199 €33.45 €6.04 Yes
200 - 299 €45.63 €9.09 Yes
300 - 399 €59.84 €10.10 Yes
400 and above €0.00 €0.00 Yes

If we confirm that an order is lost in shipping, we will immediately ship a replacement item with priority shipping. Covers and All is not responsible for delays caused by independent shipping carriers.

Questions? Call +441506537158 or Contact Us Customer support is available 24/7.

Covers & All EU - the Best Online Store for Customisable & Personalised Outdoor Covers & Tarpaulins

Covers & All, a global leader and e-commerce company specialises in crafting bespoke custom covers, tarpaulins, and outdoor furniture covers for residential and commercial uses. With our state-of-the-art technology, we have disrupted the one-size-fits-all cover industry, paving the way as pioneers in customised and personalised covering products.

The extensive range of outdoor products includes waterproof and UV-resistant custom covers, tarpaulins, and other shading solutions that can be tailored to meet your specifications in terms of material, size, colour, and even shape. Click and browse our website to purchase standard-sized and custom-made covers that cater to your needs.

Find a comprehensive selection of durable covers designed to protect your garden furniture, curtains, solar shades, cushion and pillow covers, and car covers.

Plus, our fixed covers can accommodate standard sizes to ensure you get the perfect fit for your requirements. Our online design tool lets you add your logo, design, or quote to the custom Read more

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