Custom L Shape Sofa Covers - Design 5

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Custom L Shape Sofa Covers - Design 5 to Bedazzle Your Garden Area

  • Available in Cover Rite, Cover Max, Cover Tuff Fabric
  • Weatehrproof covers are highly durable.
  • Custom tie-downs ensure a perfect, neat fit.
  • Personalise with a design of your preference.
  • Avail warranty of up to 2-5 years.

Select Your Shape

Custom L Shape Sofa Covers - Design 5

Custom L Shape Sofa Covers - Design 5

  • Custom L Shape Sofa Covers - Design 5

    Custom L Shape Sofa Covers - Design 5

  • L Shape Curved Sofa Cover

    L Shape Curved Sofa Cover

  • Custom L Shape Sofa Covers - Design 2

    Custom L Shape Sofa Covers - Design 2

  • Custom L Shape Sofa Covers - Design 3

    Custom L Shape Sofa Covers - Design 3

  • Custom L Shape Sofa Covers - Design 4

    Custom L Shape Sofa Covers - Design 4

  • Custom L Shape Sofa Covers - Design 6

    Custom L Shape Sofa Covers - Design 6

  • Custom L Shape Sofa Covers - Design 7

    Custom L Shape Sofa Covers - Design 7

  • Custom L Shape Sofa Covers - Design 8

    Custom L Shape Sofa Covers - Design 8

  • Custom L Shape Sofa Covers - Design 1

    Custom L Shape Sofa Covers - Design 1

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Buy Weather-specific L shaped Sofa Covers for Lasting Protection

Cover Rite Fabric: The 600 denier Cover Rite fabric is made of 100% solution-dyed polyester and is PU-coated on one side. The 8 Oz fabric is lightweight, water-repellent, and UV-resistant, making it perfect for mild climes. Thanks to the coating, it can resist moderate temperatures with little to no degradation.

Cover Max Fabric: The fabric is a PVC-coated polyester with a 1000 denier thread count. These covers can withstand light rain, light snow, and moderately strong sunlight without being damaged.

Cover Tuff Fabric: 1000 denier PVC coated polyester fabric produce exceptionally sturdy covers. This fabric can resist abrasions despite its lightweight design. Due to its waterproof properties and resilience to the UV rays, this fabric is ideal for extreme weather conditions.

Lightweight Material: Even though the covers are lightweight for ease of portability, we do not compromise on the quality of the fabric. The Cover Max fabric weighs 12 Oz, Cover Rite weighs 8 Oz, and Cover Tuff weighs 18 Oz. All the fabrics are sturdy enough to withstand abrupt weather changes.

Water, UV & Tear Resistant: The L-shape corner sofa covers are designed to keep moisture and mildew away from your furniture. The water repellent nature of the fabric keeps it from deteriorating. The surface of the sofa is protected from the damaging effects of the sun by its UV-resistant properties. These covers are resistant to tears and abrasions, making them suitable for extended use.

Custom Fit: You can customise cover to suit the style of your garden by selecting the material and colour. We can make sofa covers to your specific measurements so that they fit perfectly.

Personal Touch: Personalise your covers by having a name, logo, or family crest printed on them. Covering your contemporary furniture with covers you designed yourself is a great way to give your garden a unique look and feel.

Warranty: Warranty on our sturdy materials will ease you from stressing out about their longevity. The Cover Max fabric warranty lasts for two years. The Cover Max fabric has a 3-year warranty. Cover Tuff covers comes with a 5-year warranty and is built to last longer than you imagined.

Easy Measuring Guide: To make ordering sofa covers l shape easy; we provide an easy measuring guide on our website. A custom cover can be quickly and easily ordered by just measuring your sofa and entering the relevant information into the table.

Stylish Sofa Cover L Shape to Match Your Garden’s Aesthetics

Vibrant Fabrics: Outdoor furniture covers can now be ordered in any colour to complement your garden’s vibe. You can choose a colour that speaks volumes of your personality. Cover Max fabric is available in a wide variety of colours; black, brown, blue, white, grey, beige and royal blue. The Cover Rite fabric comes in a variety of colours, including sky blue, navy, charcoal grey, and beige. Black, blue, red, and coffee are the colours of Cover Tuff that you may like to pick.

Superior Finish: These L shape sofa covers have a premium vinyl like finish. The sturdy fabric used to craft these covers is fade-proof. With these covers, you can be rest assured that your sofa will look excellent at all times.

L-Shaped Sofa Covers Equipped with Tie-Downs for Immaculate Fit

Secure Fit: You can easily cover your L-shaped sofa with the help of the tie-downs and grommets we offer. A combination of drawstrings, a waterproof zipper, push clips, and elastics ensures that the covers will stay in place, even when the wind picks up. These tie-downs can save your outdoor furniture from being destroyed by the elements all year long, including the sun, snow, rain, and extreme temperatures.

Additional Accessories: You can opt for air bags at a minimal cost. The purpose of air bags is to maintain optimal cover performance. Your investment is at risk when sofa covers sag and create pockets where water can collect and begin to leak through. Air bags are a great way to ensure your covers function as intended by filling in any low spots and creating a passage for water to drain off.

Shop for our covers today! We offer free shipping on orders above $99.

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