Clear Vinyl Covers - Round/Cylinder Shape

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Long-Lasting Custom Clear Vinyl Covers - Round/Cylinder Shape

  • Customisable to fit a variety of sizes.
  • Their visible appearance makes them easy to use.
  • Portable and suitable for mild weather.
  • Covers contract by 1" to 2" because of temperature sensitivity.

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Clear Vinyl Covers Resist Temperatures from 14 to 122 Degrees F

During the winter months, as well as on days when you are not home for extended periods of time, you are concerned about your outdoor furniture being left unattended and exposed to the elements. This is where custom covers from Covers & All come in handy.

These waterproof covers comprise superior quality 48 PHR, ultra-clear PVC suitable for mild weather. They provide complete protection for your furniture and are resistant to tears and abrasion, making them sturdy and enduring.

The clear vinyl fabric enables our PVC covers to resist temperatures ranging from 14 to 122 degrees F. The fabric features sensitivity to temperature. It can expand or contract by 1" to 2" based on the weather.

With its water-resistant feature, the clear vinyl covers ensure that your garden/patio furniture stays protected. This reduces your concerns, as your furniture remains dry and ready to use regardless of the weather.

Tie-Downs & Grommets Allow You to Personalise Your Custom Covers

Our waterproof covers always make a good first impression on their appearance and style. They are customisable in terms of size and shape. All you have to do is use our simple measurement tool to send us the measurements for the covers you require.

They feature drawstrings to ensure a clean, snug fit over your furniture. Personalise the PVC covers to your specifications by adding push clips to secure the legs, water-resistant zippers, grommets and elastic at the bottom.

Large Order Discount Available for Your Clear Vinyl Covers

What distinguishes our custom covers from the competition is that they are customisable with a UV print of your name or creative text/image you like. Bulk discounts apply to purchases of over one. As a result, the more items you order, the more money you save.

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