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Big Egg Grill Covers Protect Your Grill Throughout the Year

Outdoor Grill Covers Provide Protection From Harmful Elements

This one is for members of the rapidly growing ‘egg-head’ club – cooks who devote themselves to their big green eggs. Indeed, the huge egg grill in your backyard deserves extra care and attention, which our outdoor kitchen covers provide.

We make our water- and UV-resistant big green egg grill covers with PVC coated polyester to keep your grills as dry as possible, even during the rainy and winter seasons. Additionally, their resistance to dust and fading ensures that your big egg grills look fantastic all year.

Outdoor Kitchen Covers Have 3-Year Warranty

The push clips, elastic, draw straps, and zipper on our waterproof grill covers all contribute to a great fit for your large egg grill. They have easy-to-reach handles that make it simple to cover and remove them. Our covers also have a vinyl-like feel and come with a 3-year warranty.

Customise Your Outdoor Grill Covers

The outdoor kitchen covers for your patio’s centrepiece — the Big Egg Grill — must also be unique. Choose a cover in the colour and fabric of your choice to complete the look. You may take it a step further by having your logo, graphic, name, or custom text printed on them.

Custom Covers

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